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The Definition

Active Matter is a new field in soft matter physics. It studies the properties of assemblages of self-propelled particles, which is to say objects which can convert energy to movement. Active Matter can include objects such as schools of fish and flocks of birds.

How it Applies

How do individual self-driven units such as fish or birds flock together and somehow know when to change directions all at once?

Active Matter is another way at looking at a collection of individuals and understanding the response and dynamics of living systems (social space). These individuals may interact both directly (word-of-mouth) as well as through disturbances (social media marketing) propagated via the medium (media) in which they are immersed.

We Are ActiveMatter

Through our extensive experience in social media marketing and strategy, we at ActiveMatter strive to distinguish ourselves as true scientists in our approach and activation of future communication. ActiveMatter’s planning process is specifically catered towards social media marketing strategy. In addition, ActiveMatter has a suite of proprietary research and analytics tools/methodology to help create innovative programs based on actionable intelligence.

It is our mission at ActiveMatter to continually excel at understanding the fundamental shift in relationships between people in the rapidly transforming digital culture and what this all means for some of the largest organizations in the world.


  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Consumer & Influencer Research
  • Social Outreach
  • Channel Management
  • Monitoring & Reporting

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